10 Moments from 10 Years of IIP

As we celebrate 10 years we’re looking back to remember 10 moments from our first decade. From getting started, to new partnerships and scholarships, awards and even virtual internships we’ve come a long way.

  1. IIP office is launched by founding director, Maj Fischer (2010)
  2. Worldwide Internship Program online course created (2011)
  3. Promega Corporation establishes scholarship for internships and research abroad (2013)
  4. Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) grant supports Wisconsin-based international internships (2015)
  5. Partnership with 4W Initiative on new internships with guaranteed scholarships (2016)
  6. First internships through Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) alumni in Africa (2017)
  7. 45% increase in summer internships for credit over prior year (2018)
  8. IIP Advisor, Carly Stingl, receives International Division Early Career Award (2018)
  9. Celebrated 20 years of the Japan Central Railway Company internship program (2019)
  10. First virtual international internships after Covid-19 cancellations (2020)

Join us in celebrating 10 years and look for alumni profiles and more October 19-23, 2020!