Mission & Values


The International Internship Program (IIP)—an office within The International Division —identifies, cultivates and promotes high-quality internship opportunities that:

  • advance the professional training of UW-Madison undergraduate students;
  • foster global competency; and
  • reinforce academic learning through practical application.

As a hub for developing global talent, IIP plays a central role in the internationalization of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and aspires to be a recognized leader in the preparation of the next generation of globally competent citizens. IIP serves the needs of undergraduate students and the wider university community through its collaborative efforts to establish and maintain value-added relationships with key internal partners, international organizations and alumni.

Organizational relationships and international opportunities established through IIP help build the Wisconsin Idea: the notion that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.


The following values drive us in our daily work as well as our long-term goals:

  • International experiences are an integral part of the learning experience at UW-Madison and in our increasingly globalized society.
  • All students across campus should have the opportunity to intern abroad during their undergraduate academic career.
  • Participants on international internships reflect diverse backgrounds and experiences of our student body.
  • Internship opportunities should meet the personal, professional, and academic needs of students at a reasonable and competitive cost.
  • Campus, local, national, and international collaboration is beneficial in developing and enhancing internship opportunities.
  • Organizational relationships and international opportunities established through IIP help build the Wisconsin Idea.
  • IIP aims to create unique opportunities that build upon relationships rooted in Wisconsin.
  • Students who intern abroad internationalize and enrich Wisconsin and the UW-Madison campus.
  • Expanding student funding and keeping program costs affordable are essential in ensuring accessibility for international internships, especially for unpaid internships.
  • While interning, IIP participants are representatives of UW-Madison, the organization in which they work and their respective communities.
  • Students are active and responsible participants in their internship experience.