Credit (WIP)

Want credit with that internship? The Worldwide Internship Program (WIP), a collaboration between IIP and International Academic Programs (IAP), can help! Students who have found an internship outside the U.S.can apply for this online seminar program. Find information on credit, course content, eligibility, deadlines, application, and program cost below.

Course Content & Syllabus

The online course includes internship reflection as well as academic consideration of cross-cultural relations in the global workforce. You will interact with other UW-Madison students doing internships in various fields around the world and benefit from seeing the diversity of culture and work as you consider your future career. During a semester or summer, students take a 3-credit course IS-523: Culture & The Global Workplace through the International Studies Major, a sample syllabus from a past term gives more detail. In the summer, IS-523 is available for 3-credits or 1-credit.

In the summer students also have the option of an International Business course, IB-365: Professional Development in International Business. This is available as a 3-credit or a 1-credit section. The goals and reaStudents at IIP Re-entry Lunchdings of the Business and International Studies courses are the very similar, but structure and assignments differ based on instructor. (Note: sample syllabi are provided for potential students; please cite for academic use).

If you would like to use this course for an internship or field experience requirement in your major or certificate (e.g. Global HealthSOHE, etc.) you should also discuss this with us and your advisor.

Independent Study: Students can also add on 1-3 credits of directed/independent study with a faculty member from a department of their choosing. It is up to students to identify and set this up and it must follow campus policy (for summer this is only available at the 2-6 credit program fee; see below).

The program includes in-person components through a pre-departure orientation and re-entry meeting.


Students who have been accepted for IIP-cultivated internships, found an independent internship, or are doing an internship placement program are eligible to apply. It is open to sophomores, juniors, seniors (who can also graduate abroad) with a 2.5 or higher GPA. The internship must be at least 4 weeks in country with 96 hours of work, though most are 8-12 weeks. Some IAP internship programs also include this course as a requirement and students interning while on an IAP study abroad program may be able to enroll.

Why Get Credit?

Internships are an extension of the classroom and a great way to bridge your academics and practical application. There is great benefit to integrating academic work and reflection into your experience. Participating in an internship course will offer you additional guidance through your internship experience and help you connect it to your professional development and career exploration.

Aside from the benefits of reflection on your internship and cross-cultural experiences, getting credit can be necessary for other reasons. Credit may be required by your host organization or for you to be eligible for the appropriate visa. For students taking a semester to do an internship, enrollment in WIP will maintain your student status so that you keep your position for registration, your WiscMail account remains active, and any student loans you have will not go into repayment. In addition to tuition for credit, WIP includes CISI insurance and 24/7 support from IAP study abroad in case of an emergency. Many scholarships require enrollment for consideration so taking credit may expand your funding options, including financial aid depending on credit number and duration.

Deadlines, Timeline & Application

Summer or Fall: First Friday in March
Spring: First Friday in October

Students at IIP Pre-Departure OrientationEven if you are still in the early planning stage, you can submit what you do know at the deadline and we will meet with you to discuss next steps. Please come in for advising so we can help you with the process. Contact us after the deadline as we will take late applications case-by-case, space permitting.

Review this WIP Application Timeline to understand how the review process works.

To apply, log into the IIP Database and search for “Worldwide” as the country and this will be one of the options (or click the links on the terms above to go directly). More details and application requirements are available on the listing. After submitting you will meet with an IIP advisor to review your plans. The WIP internship proposal form is available here as well as in the database listing.

Note: Students applying for specific internship positions through IIP do not need to apply separately for credit, this is available to you as part of your position application.

Program Cost

The program fees are based on residency for the cost of tuition and administrative fees During the summer there is a 1-credit option or a 2-6 credit option that allows either the 3-credit course or the 1-credit OR 3-credit course plus optional 1-3 credits of directed study. Semester is always 3-6 credits. For 2017-18 the fees are:

Summer, WI Resident: 1 credit $1000; 2-6 credits $1300
Summer, MN Resident: 1 credit $1200; 2-6 credits $1700
Summer, Non-resident: 1 credit $1700; 2-6 credits $2700
Semester, WI Resident: $1350
Semester, MN Resident: $1750
Semester, Non-resident: $2750

Some scholarships are available from IIP, IAP and other sources. It is important to think about scholarships early and apply often before your internship is confirmed. More details about the cost can be found in the database under Estimated Expenses of the term for which you are applying (cost varies based on residency and number of credits), though note that individual additional expenses will vary greatly depending on your location and internship so you need to do this budgeting for yourself.