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IIP Data Snapshot highlighting our internship participation in 2016-17 academic year.

Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU) Reports
The International Internship Program was founded as a result of a proposal to the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, a campus-wide effort to boost the value, quality and affordability of an undergraduate education.

Find report information for each of the first five years from Academic Planning and Institution Research:

MIU Year 1 Report, July 2010
MIU Year 2 Report, July 2011
MIU Year 3 Report, July 2012
MIU Year 4 Report, July 2013
MIU Year 5 Report (docx), July 2014

International Academic Programs (IAP) Internship Reports
The IAP internship reports represent information collected specific to IAP students interning abroad. Discontinued in 2011; see general IAP reports for study abroad and internship information.

AY 2008-2009 
AY 2009-2010
AY 2010-2011