Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU) Reports
The International Internship Program was founded as a result of a proposal to the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, a campus-wide effort to boost the value, quality and affordability of an undergraduate education.

Find report information for each of the first five years, including updates on IIP from Academic Planning and Institution Research:

MIU Year 1 Report, July 2010
MIU Year 2 Report, July 2011
MIU Year 3 Report, July 2012
MIU Year 4 Report, July 2013
MIU Year 5 Report (docx), July 2014

International Academic Programs (IAP) Internship Reports
The IAP internship reports represent information collected specific to IAP students interning abroad. Discontinued in 2011; see general IAP reports for study abroad and internship information.

AY 2008-2009 
AY 2009-2010
AY 2010-2011