Propose Internships

Many faculty or staff work with organizations who might have a need for a student intern but don’t have time or know how to make it happen. If you have contacts, or even just an idea for an internship in your discipline, please contact us.

Most of our internships are rooted in global UW-Madison connections and we are eager to diversify the options to reach students across campus.

Customized Credit Options

Faculty can also be involved with international internships by supervising students in their internship experiences. Students can get credit for internships through the Worldwide Internship Program online course, but many also seek an optional directed/independent study arrangement as a complement to explore a discipline-specific topic, following campus policy.

We have also worked with faculty on specific coursework for international internships in their discipline. If you are working with students or approached about supervising international internships let us know. We are interested in learning about what students, and what faculty, are involved in internships abroad. We can help support you and the student, identify any funding opportunities, make sure the university guidelines for international activities are followed, and help create sustainable internship relationships abroad.