Partner with IIP

We develop international internship opportunities for UW-Madison undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to develop a global talent pool to serve the needs of state, national and international employers. We are actively seeking  organizations able to offer substantive internships abroad or within the U.S. with an international focus.

IIP works with you to customize the internship to your needs. We can help define the internship position, and assist in managing the recruiting and placement process. Please see our employer FAQ page for more details.

Benefits of Hosting

  • Access to students with global competency, language proficiency, and expertise in their fields
  • Developing a mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and UW-Madison, and gaining name recognition among students and staff
  • Testing out a highly-motivated employee in a low cost, low-risk situation
  • Bringing a fresh perspective to your organization

Expectations of Hosts

  • Provide a meaningful work experience and guidance contributing to the professional development of the intern
  • Assist the intern in increasing understanding of the host country’s culture
  • Help arrange the intern’s work permit/visa, if applicable
  • Complete a performance evaluation for the intern

Get Started

  • Fill out the IIP Interest Survey. We will get in touch to discuss if it is a good fit for our office.
  • If we determine it is a good fit, you can fill out our Position Description Form. We will discuss concerns or modifications to make it a good fit for students.
  • IIP posts the position, accepting applications and answering initial questions
  • We give you access to complete applications for review and selection
  • We work with you and the student(s) on logistics before, during and after the internship

Other ways to partner with IIP

If you are not quite ready to host an intern, but share our belief that international internships are valuable for our Wisconsin students, please let us know. We can also talk about partnering with IIP in other ways such as contributing to our scholarship fund, helping us with career panels, or planning for a future internship.