UW Student Jinan Sous Discusses Research in Thailand And More

To celebrate International Education Week, the International Division asked Jinan Sous, a Biochemistry major pursuing Global Health and Leadership Certificates, about her experiences with the Wisconsin International Scholars Program (WISc). Jinan, who expects to graduate in 2021, is fluent in Arabic and English, conversational in Spanish, and is currently studying American Sign Language. Among her many global experiences, Jinan completed a research internship in Thailand, with funding from IIP’s Promega Scholarship.

Excerpt from the International Division website:


“During summer 2019, I spent 10 weeks participating in an internship at the Chulalongkorn University, Medical Microbiology Department, Bangkok, Thailand, through the CALS Study Abroad program. During this time, I researched in the Palaga Lab at Chulalongkorn University within the Medical Microbiology Department. This was also the first time I travelled to a country where I did not speak the language. This was a great challenge because it taught me how to communicate outside of my comfort zone. It also taught me how universal science can be. Outside of lab, I took advantage of traveling throughout Southeast Asia on the weekends and made an effort to learn about the cultures and communities at each place I visited. This has been one of my favorite experiences, and I look forward when I can travel like that again.”

To read the full Q&A with Jinan, click here.