Michelle Kern Hall receives International Division Staff Excellence Award

IIP Director Michelle Kern Hall was selected as a 2021 co-recipient of the International Division‘s Staff Excellence Award, Category Two. This award was created in 2018 and recognizes staff with 8 or more years of work demonstrating outstanding performance, leadership and service within and beyond the division, high degree of professionalism, and promise of continuing contributions.

Nominators highlighted Kern Hall’s leadership in helping IIP grow and evolve from its founding in 2010 while maintaining its focus on the needs of students. Throughout the turbulence of 2020, she brought stability to the IIP team, demonstrating flexibility and empathy as staff transitioned to remote work. As international programming was canceled, Kern Hall navigated the challenge of bringing students home with leadership and compassion. Despite students not being able to go abroad for most of 2020, she spearheaded the effort to pivot IIP’s in-person internships to virtual, which showed increased growth and student interest throughout 2020 and into 2021. While balancing many responsibilities, Kern Hall always manages to keep students at the forefront of her work. She continues to advise students exploring internships in Japan and was instrumental in organizing the 20 year JR Central Event in 2019.

The IIP team is pleased to recognize and honor all the exceptional work, innovative ideas, and leadership Michelle Kern Hall has brought to IIP and the International Division since she joined in 2011 as Assistant Director. Congratulations, Michelle!