Life as an Intern at Osaka Gas

Chloe Kirk, a junior in Molecular Biology and Legal Studies with a Criminal Justice certificate, started off her spring semester as the first UW-Madison intern at Osaka Gas in Osaka, Japan. She is one of International Academic Program (IAP)’s spring bloggers.

Chloe did a summer program in Ghana and has a wealth of personal travel experience, but Japan is a brand new cultural, work and life experience. Chloe introduced herself to IAP stating that “while I am abroad I hope to immerse myself in a culture I have never experienced before and learn new experimental laboratory techniques. I definitely feel like this will be out of my comfort zone, especially all the food, but I’ll try anything once!” She said she selected this internship because she “wanted the opportunity to live in a different country as well as work in an industry laboratory setting.”

Follow Chloe’s semester in Osaka as she blogs, including her pre-departure feels, intense jet lag, shopping in downtown Osaka, and eating skewered chicken heart – all in the first week!

Feeling inspired? Apply to be a fall intern on the Thermal Engineering Team at Osaka Gas.