Summer Internship In Iceland Gives ‘New Focus and Passion’

For Julia Handel, who is spending her summer interning at Reykjavik University in Iceland through the International Internship Program (IIP) at UW-Madison, interning abroad has enriched her life and reaffirmed her passion.

Julia Handel at Reykjavik University

What area or project are you working on currently at Reykjavik University? 

I am currently an intern at the Icelandic center for Neurophysiology and am working with analytics for an EEG postural control study. I work with two other interns regularly, and we have also been assigned various tasks, as the research group has needed assistance throughout the summer.

How did you know about this opportunity to Iceland and why did you choose this internship?

I learned about this internship through an email I received from IIP. I became familiar with their programs my first year on campus, and since then have always thought about doing an internship abroad.

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