QBiC says goodbye to students from the University of Wisconsin

Three undergraduate students from the university of Wisconsin-Madison have returned to the land of cheese and butter after spending the summer at QBiC. My An-adirenkkun and Leah Varner were in the Taniguchi lab and Jacquelyn Wong was in the Okada lab. The three commented on how they found out about QBiC and their time in Japan.

Jacquelyn Wong: The University of Wisconsin has an international internship program database. That is how I found out about RIKEN. I’m a genetics major, so I specifically looked for labs that did genetic based research. Spending the summer at QBiC I realized that I want to continue research and maybe work in a company like RIKEN.

My An-adirenkkun: I received a scholarship to do a molecular biology internship abroad from the Promega Corporation which is headquartered in Madison Wisconsin. This experience has expanded my awareness of scientific research and of graduate studies. The IPA program sounds interesting. Most memorable was being attacked by deer in Nara.

Leah Varner: I may come back to Japan for a graduate degree in genetics. I was born in Japan and am eager to return. I like natto and I wanted to try horse sushi but I didn’t have the chance. Our most memorable trip was to Arashiyama in Kyoto.

From the November 2015 Newsletter of RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center