Extended IIP Summer Internship Deadline is this Sunday, February 25!

Our Extended Summer 2018 application deadline for internships abroad is THIS Sunday, February 25!
All positions are listed here.

IIP offers a variety of internships in many disciplines and countries, including the Astrománticas Cartoneira internship in SpainBIOFarm Ambassador internship in China and NUCAFE Production & Marketing internship in Uganda!

Students on IIP internship have access to many funding resources, including IIP, campus and national scholarships. IIP grants include the automatic $500 IIP Cultivated Internship Grant for students on a credit-based cultivated internship and the need-based Worldwide Internship Program Grant.
Students on select internships in Latin America, Spain or Africa will also receive an automatic $1,000 grant from the UW LACIS and African Studies Program offices.

IIP is also accepting applications for Fall 2018 internships abroad through March 11.

Questions or want to learn more? Come in to meet with one of our knowledgeable advisors.