Alumnus shares Wisconsin ag expertise with Japanese Dairy Farms

Read about alumnus Kazutoshi Ueno who helped create a new summer 2018 internship with Horai Dairy at Senbonmatsu Farm in Japan.

By Steve Barcus

Wisconsin’s reputation as a leading producer and innovator in the dairy industry does not stop at the borders of the state. Even beyond international boundaries, the word “Wisconsin” is synonymous with “dairy.”

That has been the experience of Kazutoshi Ueno BS’85, founder of eAnimal Company, a Japan-based business specializing in feed products designed to increase the health and performance of cows, pigs, chickens, and even fish. Through eAnimal, Ueno consults with clients across Japan, providing input on farm management and efficiency practices and offering essential nutrients through colostrum-derived products.

Horai Dairy, one of Ueno’s clients, draws tourists to the Senbonmatsu farm in Nasushiobara, Tochigi, with its beautiful landscapes, top golf courses, and hot springs. However, the centerpiece of the operation continues to be the farm’s 550 cows, which provide the milk for the company’s famous dairy products.

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