2022 Bucky Award for Global Citizenship Winner: Kelly Longhini

Photo of Bucky Award winner Kelly in front of a river
Kelly Longhini, 2022 Recipient of the Bucky Award for Global Citizenship

Last month, the winners of the 2022 Bucky Awards were announced. Congratulations to Kelly Longhini, the winner of the Global Citizenship Award!

The Global Citizenship Award, sponsored by the International Internship Program, is given to an ambitious student in regards to their international experience (whether in-person or virtually), and recognizes a student’s efforts to increase their awareness of global issues & leadership.

Kelly exemplified the concept of global citizenship through her work in a virtual internship with the Department of Ecology & Environmental Management of CURE, a university in Uruguay. Through working with researchers in Uruguay as well as here at UW-Madison, Kelly learned that leadership within a global team requires diligence, communication, and flexibility, and she will be applying these lessons in the future as she plans to pursue a Master of Public Health.

In summing up her experiences, Kelly shared that although the pandemic has prevented physical exploration of other countries, “I do not think that global citizenship demands international travel, as we can learn to appreciate the customs of other cultures from our home.”

“To me, global citizenship involves constantly seeking opportunities to improve one’s understanding of and appreciation for the different cultures, systems, and ways of life across the globe. It requires treating all people and practices with respect, and working to maintain interconnected relationships with others.”

To learn more about the Bucky Awards, visit the Student Leadership Program website here.