Workshops & Info Sessions

IIP staff offer a range of workshops and info sessions each semester. Confirm upcoming schedule on the events list. Contact us if you would like to collaborate on a specific workshop.

  • Intern Abroad! At least once a semester join us to get started on how you can work with IIP for your internship abroad.
    Click here for slides from Fall 2018 or watch the presentation (Fall 2017) on Facebook.  
  • Regional Info Sessions: We regularly offer sessions to delve deeper into opportunities in specific countries or regions. Examples include Intern in Germany, Intern in Japan, Intern in Latin America/Spain, Intern in Africa. Some of these may be only in spring semester before our mid-February deadline.
  • Discipline Info Sessions: We are happy to offer discipline specific workshops and info sessions in collaboration with units. Some examples include Science & Engineering internships, Teaching English Abroad, Communications internships.
  • Workshops & Classroom Visits: We periodically visit language classes or others to present about interning abroad. We also occasionally offer workshops on topics such as International Careers, Internships for International Students, and more. Contact us with invitations or collaboration ideas!