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378015_611512645527036_1206563184_n“Closer cooperation between the UW-Madison and the business community is critical to preparing the next generation of global leaders—people who will engage across borders and disciplines to develop solutions to the world’s problems.”
-Bill Linton, founder and CEO, Promega Corporation


takamoto“Since learning Japanese at UW helped me so much in my career, I wanted to give back to the students studying Japanese and guide them to good career paths.”
-Jason Shin, president & CEO, Takamoto Electric



“Our interns from the UW-Madison have contributed greatly to our global policy research efforts. Their language skills and technical knowledge allowed them to be productive from the first day. It is a great experience for the interns and a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with talented students.”
-Clay Nesler, Vice President, Global Energy & Sustainability, Johnson Controls, Inc.