UW-IIP CareerGate

The UW-IIP CareerGate is a part of the Graduateland network – a network consisting of career portals for students and graduates across national and international universities, labor unions and interest organizations. IIP has affiliated with Graduateland to help Badgers access more opportunities, especially in Europe. By connecting through the link below, you will be directed to Graduateland’s externally maintained site. To fully access it, you must register using your @wisc.edu email address. Use of the site and registration for it is voluntary.


You can search by country, sector and type of opportunity. Note, internships in many places–and especially in Europe–require a student to be enrolled and not yet done with a degree, so keep this in mind when limiting your search options, i.e. graduating seniors should focus on full-time employment opportunities as well as graduate/trainee programs for which they might be eligible rather than internships, unless you wish to participate in the Worldwide Internship Program for credit and graduate abroad.

If you are an undergrad applying to internship opportunities listed in UW-IIP CareerGate, please come in for advising so IIP can help you look into credit options, visas, etc.

Disclaimer for University of Wisconsin-Madison:
University of Wisconsin-Madison is not responsible for the content and availability of other webpages that can be reached through the Graduateland website. The website may contain links to websites owned by a third party. University of Wisconsin-Madison is not responsible for the handling of personal information on this website.