IIP in the News

Alumni facilitate internships, opening doors for UW-Madison students (1/15/2015)
Scholarships provide boost to UW-Madison students heading abroad (12/10/14)
Advisory board members, UW students talk about international experiences (11/4/2014)
With WEDC grant, UW to help Wisconsin companies develop international internships (10/7/2014)
Seven UW-Madison students receive Gilman scholarship for summer 2014 (5/2/14)
Scholarships offer boost to UW-Madison students going abroad on 2014 internships (4/25/14)
Scholarships give boost to UW-Madison students going overseas for spring 2014 internships (12/7/13)
UK students examine non-profit funding, innovation in Madison area
UW undergraduates headed overseas on internships receive scholarships (5/7/2013)
Promega scholarship supports scientific internships abroad (2/12/2013)
UW alum creates internships that link professional skills, Japanese language (1/22/2013)
7 UW students awarded International Internship Travel Grants (1/2/2013)
Aquaponics: Students aim to introduce “grow your own food” concept (6/12/2012)
Harwell selected as 2012 Plexus engineering intern (5/25/2012)
Scholars, administrators urged to create globally-focused STEM programs (4/10/2012)
Cross-continental case study: local aquaponics (3/4/2012)
For Ginsburgs, global interests are contagious (11/23/2011)
Payne finds new perspective in Hong Kong internship (8/30/2011)
Internship in Malaysia is About ‘More Than Just Working’ (7/29/2011)
Dhina Susanti: Student Takes on Summer Engineering Internship in China (6/15/2011)
Vlad Inoescu: Student Spends Summer as a Business Intern Abroad (6/15/2011)
International internships make textbooks come alive (10/2010)

Blogs by our Badger Interns Abroad

Jeremy, Spring 2015 in Rome, Italy with U.S. State Department
Oona, Summer 2013 in Gledic, Serbia with Rakija Iz Rakije

Eva, Summer 2013 in Warsaw, Poland with Caritas for Children
Aaron & Kaitlyn, Summer 2013 in Nkokonjeru, Uganda with Caritas for Children
Priya, Spring 2013 in Pune, India with CFHI Child & Maternal Health
Nicole, Spring 2013 in Lima, Peru with Virtual Student Foreign Service
Van, Spring 2013 in Nkokonjeru, Uganda with Caritas for Children
Jack, Summer 2012 in Tokyo, Japan with JR-Central
John, Summer 2012 in Penang, Malaysia with Plexus
John, Summer 2010 in Penang, Malaysia with Plexus

Internships in the News

Well-designed internships look like the new competitive advantage (ICEF Monitor, 7/18/13)
2013 LACIS internship grant recipients
(UW-LACIS Blog, 6/11/2013)
Want a job? Get an internship first (Marketplace, 3/8/2013)
The world is their workplace (New York Times, 1/30/2013)
Internships should be intern-centric (Badger Herald, 9/11/2012)
Overseas internships can benefit, for a price (New York Times, 3/24/2012)