University of Wisconsin–Madison

Workshops & Info Sessions

IIP staff offer a range of workshops and info sessions each semester. Confirm upcoming schedule on the events list. Contact us if you would like to collaborate on a specific workshop.

  • Intern Abroad! –At least once a semester join us to get started on how you can work with IIP for your internship abroad.
  • Regional Info Sessions-We regularly offer sessions to delve deeper into opportunities in specific countries or regions. Examples include Intern in Germany, Intern in Japan, Intern in Latin America/Spain, Intern in Africa. Some of these may be only in spring semester before our mid-February deadline.
  • Discipline Info Sessions-We are happy to offer discipline specific workshops and info sessions in collaboration with units. Some examples include Science & Engineering internships, Teaching English Abroad, Communications internships.
  • Workshops & Classroom Visits-We periodically visit language classes or others to present about interning abroad. We also occasionally offer workshops on topics such as International Careers, Internships for International Students, and more.