IIP Guides & Forms

IIP Guides

Workbook for Planning for Your Internship Abroad
Work through questions about what you want to do, where, how, and how to budget. After a short questionnaire it offers sections on skills & expertise, personal statement, making an opportunity list, pros & cons, budgeting, and planning for departure.

Visa Guide
Questions and considerations for visa requirements as you explore internships abroad. This can be one of the more challenging aspects of interning abroad, so this is only meant to get you started.

Questions for Fee-Based Internship Placement Provider Programs
Thinking about doing a program that will help place you in an internship for a fee? This can be a good option for many students, but you should compare your options carefully and this guide can help.

IIP Database Guide
This is a short guide to introduce the functionality and content of the opportunities database including searching and applying for internships.

International Internship Guide
To help you get started with your internship search and plans. This guide summarizes information on this website on searching, credit, insurance, and more.

Worldwide Internship Program/International Internship Handbook
For students preparing for their internship abroad (as part of the Worldwide Internship Program or independently).


Language Assessment Form (.doc)
This is required for some applications with a language requirement.

Insurance Acceptance Waiver for students receiving insurance for non-credit bearing internships

Worldwide Internship Program Proposal Form (.docx) for students applying to WIP for academic credit for an independently identified internship opportunity abroad. Full application is in the IIP Database.

International Travel Warning Waiver for students applying to get credit in countries with a travel warning this form/process will need to be completed in conjunction with IAP.