IIP Scholarships

Worldwide Internship Program Travel Grant
This is a need-based grant open to any students doing an internship abroad and participating in the Worldwide Internship Program for credit. $750 grants available for students with need. Answer “Have you applied for the Worldwide Internship Program” as “yes” to be matched in Scholarships@UW.
Deadlines are October 16, 2017 (for spring) and early March 2018 (for summer or fall).

Spring 2014 WIP Scholarship recipients

Promega International Scientific Internship Scholarship
Promega International LogoProvided through a grant from Promega Corporation, this scholarship supports undergraduate students undertaking an unpaid international internship aimed at improving the quality of life in the world. UW-Madison students from all science fields are eligible but a preference will be given to students whose internships use molecular biology techniques to improve quality of life. Students must enroll in the Worldwide Internship Program for credit. The award is approximately $5,000. Deadline for summer or fall is early March.


UW-Madison Travel Grants & Scholarships

Students participating in the Worldwide Internship Program for credit are eligible for IAP study abroad grants, but must apply by the deadlines to be considered, even if still waiting on a final internship offer. Other grants from UW-Madison are also available and deadlines vary. Plan ahead and apply early!

External Travel Grants & Scholarships

We have started a list of some scholarships and grants that may potentially be applied to internships abroad (though may require you to be receiving credit). This list is by no means comprehensive so take advantage of resources to research funding that may apply to you.

Featured National Scholarship: Gilman Scholarship for Study or Internship Abroad. To be eligible students must receive the Federal Pell Grant and the internship must be for credit (as through WIP); see their website for additional criteria. You do not need to have your offer confirmed to apply, just your plan. Please contact us and we can help with the application process and serve as the required advisor to confirm it is accurate.

UW Library Grants Information Collection
The UW Libraries have access available to many databases of grant and scholarship information where you can do research.


Some students may also explore fundraising to help fund their experience. This can be done through outreach events in your community, or using crowd-sourced fundraising websites. For students doing unpaid or service-oriented internships this may be another funding idea to explore. There are many online guides for fundraising available and the organization you are interning with may also have tips or resources. Here are just two examples:
8 Ways to Raise $2500 in 10 Days
WorldTeach Fundraising Guide (one example, from a specific program)


Budgeting for your experience is a very important part of the process from your initial exploration to when you’re in country at your internship. Our workbook has some information about budgeting and comparing programs. You can also find budgeting tips for going abroad through various websitesincluding MoneyGeek (scroll to the bottom for budgeting).