Our office serves UW-Madison undergraduate students seeking international internships. We are not a program that you can apply to, but rather an office that offers several services students can take advantage of.

IIP Services

Vera taking samples from a river in ThailandAdvising: All current undergraduate students are eligible to seek advising on interning abroad, whether with our positions, fee-based providers or independent opportunities. Graduating seniors may be better served by other advising resources on campus so we may also refer you elsewhere depending on your interests.

IIP-Cultivated Positions: Positions highlighted in pink in the IIP Database were cultivated for UW-Madison students and are open to current undergraduates who will be returning to campus after the internship, or who have departmental approval to graduate abroad (for a position requiring credit). Recent graduates or graduating seniors are not eligible for these positions. Many positions are targeted for students completing their sophomore or junior year.

Worldwide Internship Program: This is the for-credit program we offer with IAP study abroad and it is open to undergraduates with at least a 2.5 GPA doing an IIP internship or one they find on their own that is at least 4 weeks and 96 hours of work outside the U.S.

IIP Database & UW-IIP CareerGate: Any UW-Madison student can log in and search the IIP Database and UW-IIP CareerGate database. There may also be some opportunities for graduating seniors and graduate students within these databases. CareerGate includes both internships targeted at enrolled students and full-time positions. Note that some may be for those with EU citizenship as this is not a UW or U.S. specific listing.

Other Eligibility Considerations

When looking at positions on your own or through our resources it is important to keep in mind eligibility specific to the position and your own background. Internships positions are not programs with strict restrictions so it is okay if you don’t fit everything mentioned.

Qualifications: In the IIP database we distinguish between Required and Preferred qualifications. You should have the required qualifications, but the preferred are noted as ideal qualities in an intern. Language skills are harder to quantify easily so a language assessment form or comments on your level may be requested; consider your functional capabilities over just number of semesters studied.

Visas: For many countries you may need a visa for an internship experience. Your eligibility and acceptance will be dependent on being able to get the right visa. This is something IIP advises on, but is up to you to secure the necessary visa. GoinGlobal (log in through BuckyNet or myECS) has Country Guides for some countries that discuss visa requirements for work and internships. We also have a quick sheet with some things to keep in mind on our Guides & Forms page.