Campus Resources

Careers Services at UW-Madison
Find general Career Services resources and links to your school or college’s office. They offer resources online and in person for resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, career exploration and more. It is a great place to start your internship search process.

Career Exploration Center
The CEC helps students focus on their interests, values, strengths, and personality to give them the tools they need to make decisions about their careers and their futures.

Language & International Directions Advising
The Language Institute offers advising on international opportunities during and after your undergraduate education using your language skills.

Go Global Guide to Networking around Study Abroad
A guide with some ideas for networking while you study abroad – either for an internship there or for job and internship opportunities after.

UW-Madison International Travel
This website includes information about international travel safety and policy at UW-Madison as well as a lot of resources and links to more information.

Certificate of Enrollment from the Registrar
Applying for an internship or visa that requires a Certificate of Enrollment from the university? Here’s where you get one.

Fingerprinting from UW-Madison Police
If your visa application requires fingerprints the UW-Madison Police can help with that.

Getting an Official Transcript
You can order online or pick-up in person at 333 East Campus #10101.

Downloading your Student Record (unofficial transcript)
You may need a copy of your unofficial transcript for an internship application.

Readmission after a semester abroad
If you take a semester off to do a non-credit bearing internship you will need to request readmission to the university. We can talk to you about staying enrolled with the Worldwide Internship Program.

UHS Travel Clinic
Before going abroad it’s important to review your health and any precautions needed for your destination. UHS has a travel clinic and information on their website.

F-1 Employment Information for International Students
For international students seeking to do internships here in the U.S. there are several things to keep in mind, such as Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Police Clearance Letter
If you need police clearance for an internship or visa application, click on the “Clearance/VISA Letter Request” form for the Madison police.

Department-specific Internship Information & Resources

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