Internships are an extension of the classroom and a great way to bridge your academics and practical application. There is great benefit to integrating academic work and reflection into your experience. Participating in an internship course will offer you additional guidance through your internship experience and help you connect it to your professional development and career exploration.

Students at re-entry meeting with Maj Fischer and Michelle Kern HallThe Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) online course is specifically for internships abroad and IIP is happy to work with students and departments seeking to integrate that with a course or requirement they have. This program provides the required emergency and insurance support for students engaging in overseas experiences.

Academic credit is awarded not for the internship, but for academic work such as through readings, discussions and lectures, field notes, or research projects that reflect on or otherwise relate to the internship experience. As a result, retroactive credit for internships already completed is not possible.

Why Get Credit for an Internship Abroad?

Aside from the benefits of reflection on your internship experience, getting credit may be necessary for other reasons. Credit may be required for you to be eligible for an internship visa depending on the country you are going to, or by the organization’s intern policy. For students taking a semester to do an internship abroad, enrollment in the Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) will maintain your student status so that you keep your position for registration, your WiscMail account remains active, and any student loans you have will not go into repayment. In addition to credit, WIP also includes CISI insurance and 24/7 support from IAP study abroad in case of an emergency.

UW-Madison Internship Courses for Domestic Internships

Many schools and colleges have their own internship courses either for all students in the school or specific to a department or discipline. Talk to your advisor or ask IIP for referrals to some of these options if your internship is in the United States.