Customized Credit Options

Faculty can also be involved with international internships by supervising students or evaluating their learning in their co-curricular internship experiences. Students can get credit for internships through the Worldwide Internship Program online seminar, but many also seek a directed/independent study arrangement as a complement to explore a discipline specific topic. These independent study courses must follow the campus policy. Some students also pursue credit through several department-specific courses that focus on practical application of academic learning (internship, practicum or co-op courses).

This is important work and we’d like to know when faculty are involved in this crucial role. If you are approached by a student to supervise such an experience, please let us know so we can keep better records as to what students, and what faculty, are involved in international internships. We may be able to find funding for either you or the student for the course credit, recognize the work you’re undertaking, and make sure the university guidelines for international activities are followed.